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The Hawai‘i Forest Industry Association (HFIA) and the Hawai‘i Forest Institute (HFI) are dedicated to the success of a number of ongoing projects. Through support for ongoing restoration and outreach efforts at  Ka‘ūpūlehu Dryland Forest, Kalaemanō Cultural Center, La‘i‘ōpua Dryland Habitat Preserve, and Pālamanui Dry Forest, students and other community members and visitors learn about the connections of mauka and makai environments and the need for stewardship of Hawaii’s endangered dryland ecosystems.

HFI is working with community partners to create the Pana‘ewa Zoo Discovery Forest and Keauhou Bird Conservation Center Discovery Forest on Hawai‘i Island and the Honolulu Zoo Children’s Discovery Forest on O‘ahu.  Our ‘Āina Mauna Christmas Tree Demonstration Project involved importing and propagating seed and outplanting Douglas fir seedlings on DHHL land in Humu‘ula/Pi‘ihonua on Hawai‘i Island.  The second phase of our Christmas tree efforts  is titled “Production & Evaluation of Mid-to-Low Elevation Locally-grown Trees”.  In this phase, we demonstrated that conifer species can be grown at mid-to-low elevations and identified the species that produced acceptable Christmas trees – in pots and in the ground.  Outplantings at different elevations was being done with collaborators.

We also connect to–and stay informed about the many projects throughout Hawai‘i that are improving our forest environments.  Conservation and restoration projects and groups were highlighted in our HPR Mahalo ‘Āina Radio Series.

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