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Company Name Email Website Phone
‘Ainakoa Wood Company Michael Felig Email Website
‘Io Makuahine Thomas Loudat Email
Agro Resources Derrick Nishimura Email 885-6311
Aileen’s Nursery-Po’o wai u/Hawaii Agriculture Research Center (HARC) Aileen Yeh Email 936-2671
Alameda Land Company Inc. William J Houston Email 510.769.6080
Alapaki Wood Art Albert Rabold Email 878-8525
Alaska Forest Association Owen Graham Email 907-225-6114
American Forest Management Inc. Robert (Robin) Jolley Email 704-527-6780 Ext. 330
Andrea Gill Andrea Gill Email 808-959-8216
Andy Cole Woodworking Andy Cole Email Website 808-778-7036
Anthony Oliver Anthony Oliver Email
Arnold Hori Arnold Hori Email
Bello’s Millwork Inc. Eric Bello Email 621-7282
Bob Nichols Bob Nichols Email
Bokoa Farms and Forest David Real Email 808-747-4128
Bruce Young Bruce Young Email 753-7599
C. Barton Potter Co. Bart Potter Email 808-864-4690
Chip Hartman Chip Hartman Email 808-638-7210
Chris Graper Chris Graper Email Website
Cliff Johns Gallery Cliff Johns Email 322-6611
Cunningham Gallery Richard Cunningham Email 935-9122
David Reisland Fine Furniture and Art David Reisland Email 328-1500
David Young David Young Email
Dentons US LLP William Yuen Email (808) 524-1800
DLNR Division of Forestry & Wildlife Philipp Lahaela Walter Email
Don Albrecht Don Albrecht Email 808-968-7049
Douglas Gordon Douglas Gordon Email
Dustin Hesse Dustin Hesse Email
Edward Baldwin Edward Baldwin Email
Edwin Ikeda Edwin Ikeda Email none
Edwin Petteys Edwin Petteys Email
Elemental Plants Michael Gibson Email
Elijah Lemusuifeauali’i Elijah Lemusuifeauali'i Email
Ellen Mehos Ellen Mehos Email
Eric Lebuse Eric Lebuse Email
Fogelvik Furniture Mats Fogelvik Email Website
Forest Solutions Nicholas Koch Email 776-9900
Francisco Clemente Woodturning Francisco Clemente Email 428-1452
Gary Polhamus Gary Polhamus Email
George Woollard George Woollard Email
Gerhard Osterberger Gerhard Osterberger Email
Gomes Guitars & Ukuleles David Gomes Email 889-5100
Green Energy Team LLC Gilles Lebbe Email Website
Grow Good, LLC Paul Arinaga Email 808-594-3945
Haleakala Ranch Company Scott Meidell Email 572-1500
Hamakua Tropical Woods Don Bryan Email (808) 854-4699
Hammer Craft Aaron Hammer Email Website 808-964-3494
Hawai’i Forest Institute Heather Simmons Email Website 8089339411
Hawaii Agriculture Research Center Nick Dudley Email 486-5334
Hawaii Forest Industry Association Heather Simmons Email 933-9411
Hawaii Kona Naturals Scott Hare Email Website 968-6488
Hawaii Natural Energy Institute/University of Hawaii Scott Turn Email 808-956-2346
Herb Kaneko Herb Kaneko Email 808-456-2496
Hookuleana Peter Young Email 8082263567
Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center Anne Marie Forsythe Email
In the Woods Peter Simmons Email
J. Kelly Dunn J. Kelly Dunn Email Website 884-5585
Jared Pere Jared Pere Email 808-349-3759
Jay Hatayama Jay Hatayama Email
Jim Meekhof Jim Meekhof Email 808-283-9195
Joel Bright Joel Bright Email 808-292-8909
John Berthiaume John Berthiaume Email
John Britton John Britton Email 703-776-3138
John Hoxie John Hoxie Email 808-572-6801
John Lund John Lund Email
Jon Ogata Jon Ogata Email
Jonathan Kinsey Jonathan Kinsey Email 2069927612
Joseph Butterweck Joseph Butterweck Email 808-990-7663
Kaʻū Valley Farms-John Cross John Cross Email Website
Kainalu Ranch Lance Dunbar Email 558-8362
Kalepa Ulu Laurie K. Ho Email 246-9419
Kamehameha Schools Kama Dancil Email Website Kona: 322-5310 (DL); 322-5300 (recep); Paauilo 776-7526
Kamuela Hardwoods LLC Alex Woodbury Email 808-640-1566
Kapehu Falls J. Robert Taglairino Email 786-271-4124
Kapua Koa Forest Scott Rolles Email 808-733-7500
Kaua`i Koa Farm Sandy Brodie Email 635-2496
Kawika Tropical Fruit Orchards David Longacre Email 345-5290
Keith Maile Keith Maile Email
Koa Hawaiiana Greg Blomgren Email 808-961-4736
KoaWood Ranch Michael Amado Email Website 808-495-4444
Kohala Nui Farms, LLC Muriel Lighter Email 808-638-2566
Koolaupoko Engineering Services John Fackrell Email 808 291 7453
Kotaro Guitars Robert Kurosu Email Website
Kua’aina Artworks Thomas Pasquale Email 808-929-9298
Kula Mill Farms Inc. Lawrence Nitz Email 956-8665
LewisKoa Co Aaron Lewis Email Website 8089827595
Live Edge Craig Peltier Email
Marcus Castaing Marcus Castaing Email 808-929-9974
Mark Russell Mark Russell Email
Martin & MacArthur Michael Tam Email 808-845-6688
Matthew D’Avella Matthew D’Avella Email
McKenzie River Associates LLC James Mehrwein Email 541-242-0770
Michael Buck Michael Buck Email 808.259.8946
Michael P. Smith Michael P. Smith Email 808-982-5824
Michael Weitzenhoff Michael Weitzenhoff Email 808-330-8399
Mydock Studio John Mydock Email
Nadia Fairlamb Nadia Fairlamb Email
Neal Arnold Neal Arnold Email 260-435-8401
Oahu Tree Recycling, Inc. Dale Adams Email
Oahu Tree Recycling, Inc. Dale Adams Email
Ocean Eagle Richard Willson Email 808-261-5640
Paniolo Fine Woodworking Jeff Cummings Email 7346117
Paniolo Tonewoods, LLC. Steve McMinn Email 360-826-6101
Paul J. Conry Paul Conry Email Website
Petersons’ Upland Farm Martha Peterson Email 808-621-6619
Pulehunui Farm Richard Sylva Email 250-1706
R.G. Michaelis Woodturner Ralph Michaelis Email 854-7584
Retired Mike Robinson Email
Rinell Wood Systems Inc. Dave Rinell Email 834-1344
RK Woods Ray Kobayashi Email 808-936-7676
Robert Duffer Robert Duffer Email
Robert LaReaux Robert LaReaux Email
Robert Puakea Robert Puakea Jr. Email
Robert Woodward Robert Woodward Email
Ronald Tosh Ronald Tosh Email
Roy Lambrecht Woodworking, INC. Email Website 808-326-9585
RW Butts Inc. Robert Butts Email 239-9599
Scheurenbrand Guitars Rollo Scheurenbrand Email 263-3878
Seasculpture Craig Nichols Email
SeaWolfe Forestry, LLC Ron Wolfe Email
Specialty Forest Products Inc. Mike Lindstrom Email 253-939-8855
Stanley Hebda Stanley Hebda Email Website 808-456-5230
Sustainable Forestry Services, Inc. Mike Brandeberry Email
Tai Lake Fine Woodworking Tai Lake Email Website 324-1598
Tay W. Perry Inc. Tay Perry Email 255-1455
Test Member Christian Engelhardt Email 8083390622
Thalia Capos LLC Chris Bradley Email
Thomas Calhoun Thomas Calhoun Email 8082140738
Tom Loomis Tom Loomis Email
Tree Works Mike Kraus Email 964-1026
University of Hawaii Manoa Cooperative Extension Service J. B. Friday Email 969-8254
US Forest Service IPIF Bob Masuda Email 808-854-2646
Wade Lee Wade Lee Email 808-775-1914
Waimanalo Wood Miles Luedtke Email 808 221-4575
Western Hardwood Association Dave Sweitzer Email 360-835-1600
Wilkinson Koa Furniture Alan Wilkinson Email 456-1006
Winkler Woods LLC Jorma Winkler Email 987-0301
Woodchucks Hawai’i Jeff Griswold Email 524-7030
Woodcraft by Roy Tsumoto Roy Tsumoto Email
Woodcraft Supply, LLC Carol Akimoto Email Website 808-841-9876
Wooden Shapes Frank McClure Email 936-0377
Wooden Touches Inc. Shaun Fleming Email Website 572-3471
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