The Jurors

Jurors are selected to represent a balanced knowledge of contemporary woodworking and of Hawai‘i forestry. Awards are based on “Inspiration of Design” and “Excellence of Implementation.”

Bihn Pho,

Internationally Recognized Artist and Wood Turner Binh Pho is a critically acclaimed artist, known for an expansive approach to work in wood and glass that includes painting and a unique exploration of positive and negative space. His work features a highly personal iconography, with imagery that relates to Asian culture and the natural world. The story of his journey from an idyllic childhood in Vietnam, the rise of Communism and his escape to the United States is shared in the book River of Destiny: The Life and Work of Binh Pho, published in 2006, in conjunction with a retrospective of his work at the Long Beach Museum of Art. In conjunction with HAWAII'S WOODSHOWTM Bihn is giving public demonstrations and workshops in Honolulu and on Hawai‘i Island. or

Jay Warner,

Hawaiʻi Island Studio Furniture Maker and Sawyer Jay is an all around woodworker who divides his time between furniture making at his workshop in Mountain View and running a small sawmill on the upper slopes of Mauna Kea. The furniture Jay makes comes almost exclusively from timber he's collected on the Hawaiʻi Island and is mainly in private homes throughout the islands. The sawn lumber he manufactures is cut from many different types of trees found on Hawaiʻi Island and is used by woodworkers across the state. He considers it an honor to be selected to review the fine work of his peers at this years exhibition.

Mary Mitsuda,

Oʻahu Studio Artist Primarily known for her abstract paintings, Mary has also worked in clay, textiles, metal, printmaking, glass, and wood. This background in widely varied media has shaped her interest in the dynamic relationship of artist, material and process. Her work is in the collections of Hawaiʻi State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, Honolulu Museum of Art, Neiman Marcus, Four Seasons - Maui, Japan Airlines, The Mina Group, and other public, corporate and private collections. “I am a long time fan of the Hawai’i Woodshow and the way the artists translate the life of trees in fresh ways.”