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Wilson Woodcraft

Wilson Woodcraft

Loren L. Wilson, Wilson Woodcraft

Although born and raised a mainlander, Loren fell in love with Hawai`i when he was stationed there in the Navy.  After a brief trip to the mainland after his tour over 30 years ago, he returned to Hawai`i and hasn’t left since. Loren retired from his job last year, and is now able to focus on his hobby: working with native Hawai`ian and other local woods.  During the past few years, he has created lamps, boxes, humidors, frames, urns, chests, small tables as well as a few art objects for family and friends in addition to baby cradles for grandchildren.

808-351-2401 | PO Box 342126, Kailua, HI 96734 USA

Architectural Accents, Architectural Services, Cabinetry, Construction Contracting, Custom furniture, Decking, Hawaiian wood products, Household Accessories, Residential, Services, Woodworking
Loren Wilson

Beaverton, OR
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