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Fogelvik Furniture

Fogelvik Furniture

Handmade one-of-a-kind pieces by Swedish artist. Made of koa wood and other local woods from Hawaii.

Mats Fogelvik, born in Sweden 1959. Designer/artist and woodworker. In 1987, he attended an art and furniture making school in Stockholm, and worked as a teacher for wood shop classes during 1988. His world adventures landed him on Maui in 1991, since then he has been a full time woodworker and furniture maker. He is the past President and co-founder of the Maui Woodworker’s Guild.

“I grew up in an Arts & crafts family”, Mats says. “We still have a living tradition of woodworking in Sweden, and I was surrounded by old and new furniture in my youth.” “I have a rich inspirational source to draw from in the Scandinavian heritage and traditions. I am attracted to simplicity, beauty and function in a form.” “I believe a lot of furniture nowadays is “over designed”. There is a fine balance between beauty, function and sculptural value in a piece, and I am not afraid of using old well proven designs in my work, to achieve that. It doesn’t take much of a change, or detailing, to add the “personal touch” to a piece. Too much, and the balance is thrown off.

“My goal is to create pieces with a “one of a kind quality”, and at the same time the customer will be able to recognize and connect with the piece, on a very emotional level. I believe wood is a living material, and I am excited about bringing out the soul within, to make the wood express itself to you. Listen carefully, and you will hear my furniture speak to you!”

Accessories, Furniture, Hawaiian wood products, Woodworking
Mats Fogelvik
P.O. Box 377475
Ocean View, HI

Cell 808-280-8405
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