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Aileen’s Nursery-Po’o wai u

Aileen’s Nursery-Po’o wai u

We are a small, local nursery specializing in native plants for restoration, reforestation, and landscaping. We grow both native and Polynesian introduced species.

Located in Hilo, on the island of Hawaii. Services include custom grow out of desired species, as well as consulting. Over 25 years experience with native plants and 30 years of propagation. We specialize in windward and higher elevation plants, but grow everything. Mahalo!


“Trees for Forestry, reforestation, ornamentals, and windbreaks. Call to order/inquire.”

Forest Nursery, Forestry, Nursery, Plants, Seedlings, Trees
Aileen Yeh
942 W. Kawailani Street
Hilo, HI
Cell 936-2671
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